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5 Careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry

There are a number of jobs in the pharmaceutical industry that can offer you a unique experience in healthcare outside of the typical hospital setting. Sales Representative This is probably one of the first jobs that will come to mind when people hear the word “pharmaceuticals”. The job will require you to sell an organization’s […]

Thin polymer film could revolutionize monitoring of cancer patients

A thin, stretchable polymer-based film that can coil light waves like a Slinky could make monitoring of cancer survivors more effective and less expensive. Developed by the University of Michigan chemical engineering researchers, the film provides a simpler, more cost-effective way to produce circularly polarized light, part of a process that could eventually provide an […]

Illustration Of Heart Activity

Not a Normal Heart Rhythm or Rate Usually, the atria and ventricles work together so the heart pumps blood in a steady rhythm. But in AFib, they don’t. The irregular beats can cause a fast, fluttering heart rate — 100-175 beats per minute — instead of the normal 60-100 beats per minute.